ICEPower 1000ASC Modules

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ICEPower 1000ASC Modules

Postby john65b on Sun May 04, 2014 8:11 pm

Perfect for Apogee Speakers including Scintillas. I have a pair. These are the bare modules that have onboard Switch Mode Power Supplies. These modules are very difficult to source by the general public...tested and work fine. I bought these a while ago and will probably never use them. Shoot me an offer. Shipping should be reasonable as these are relatively small. Over 1000 wpc at 4 ohms, and can power a separate 1000A or 500A module with its onboard header...

I already have an amp that has two of these with two additional 500A modules for 4 channels that I was using on my Scinnies. Need to fund another project so up they go. I also have some ICEPower 200ASC full range modules too...
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