4 Divas, 2 xovers, 2 Duetta Signatures

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4 Divas, 2 xovers, 2 Duetta Signatures

Postby GrizzledGeezer on Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:00 pm

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and used to review for a major magazine. My speakers were purchased in 1992. Had I known the woofers would eventually delaminate, I'd probably have bought QUADs (which have their own set of problems).

The Duetta Signatures are in fine shape, but the Divas verge on being unusable. Too often, nasty burping/bwangy sounds come from the woofers. And this isn't just at high levels. I'm constantly "on edge", waiting for an audible disturbance. Kinda spoils the pleasure of Great Music.

The Divas have other, easily correctable problems, such as the midrange driver loosening/twisting (which I fixed on two of the speakers).

I've seriously considered soaking the bottom part of the woofers (where most of the problem is) with a heavy coat of 3M Type 80 Neoprene Contact Adhesive. (This falls in the "it couldn't hurt" category.)

It seems the only thing to do is to sell the speakers (including the Duettas), and find listenable replacements. If anyone out there is able to restore the Divas (or knows someone who could), let's talk about a fair price. This is a painful experience, because the Divas still rank among the best speakers of all time, and "losing" them is a major blow.
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Re: 4 Divas, 2 xovers, 2 Duetta Signatures

Postby Scinemaniac on Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:57 pm


with the complexity of your impressive system, :shock: and its natural ageing, your speakers would appreciate TLC from an approved Apogee Acoustics installer:

On the list, Rich Murry appears as your nearest installer. ;) :ugeek:

Only approved installers have experience of fitting & only they can obtain Graz replacement bass panels. 8-) The problems of buzz that you describe are caused by incorrect tension & degradation of the perimeter foam on the bass panel. Unfortunately that foam had limited life. :( 30 year old Apogees are prone to buzz (Fact). The only permanent solution is to "re-ribbon" the bass panels, which will elevate sound performance beyond that of the speaker when originally made.

As has been mentioned before, original Apogees were assembled by hand at speed. Some had magnets poorly aligned :x , and traces in the bass foil were crudely cut with an Exacto blade. :oops: Checking & realigning of the magnets during renovation, and CNC cutting of Graz's replacement foils will deliver you a superior loudspeaker. :D

Re-ribboning may seem to cost a lot, but is a fraction of the price of a new audiophile loudspeaker of comparable performance. The rebuilt Apogee will be "as new". :o

Such would offer opportunity to upgrade the crossover, replace the steel washers and inferior brass terminals. Capacitor quality has come a long way in 30 years. One can "pot" the air core inductors to prevent physical movement such as microphony, or upgrade to OFC flat coils etc etc.

Untreated buzzing will worsen anyway... :cry:

"Apogees forever"
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