New EMIM Diaphragms from Apogee

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New EMIM Diaphragms from Apogee

Postby Maxamillion on Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:36 pm

As a happy user of the new EMIM diaphragms being made by Graz at Apogee Acoustics, I'd just like to welcome all the classic Infinity owners to the Apogee Forum. I can say without a doubt that these diaphragms are the best single improvement I've ever made to my RSIIb speakers, and I have done quite a bit of tweaking, with new outboard passive crossovers, an upgraded equalizer unit, and cabinet bracing.

Here is a link to an Audiokarma thread where Infinity owners discuss the improvements they have heard with the new units installed in their speakers: ... p?t=301204

and here is a link to a review by another AK member of my RSIIb speakers with the Graz diaphragms: ... p?t=296285

In summary, this is a upgrade you won't regret! I can't wait until (if?) Graz decides to make EMITs as well!

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Re: New EMIM Diaphragms from Apogee

Postby dacosh on Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:43 am

I fully endorse Maxamillion's comments. I have just replaced all 14 emim diaphragms in my RS1b's with the new diaphragms made by Graz, and the improvement is immediate and obvious. The mid range is sweet, detailed and accurate, more like electrostatics. Further, the transition from the bass drivers to the low range emims is smoother, with Graz' emims sounding much more capable than the originals in the low mid range around the crossover frequency.

No troubles in fitting the diaphragms with Graz' excellent instructions supplied.

I'm also hoping Graz will get around to making the emit diaphragms, which would further add to the unique and sensational sonic experience from the RS1b's.
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