My experience with that Emim, Graz

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My experience with that Emim, Graz

Postby siramazing on Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:12 pm

First, I want to comment on the Graz-bashing that went on recently on the Audio Karma Infinity group. It is amazing to me that the people there simply won't acknowledge the great job Graz did in developing such a superior replacement for the 1b Emims, and then just bash him because it "cost too much". 'Nuff said.

Graz, the experience I had with that Emim where I was hearing distortion was caused by me stressing the ribbon.

I was experimenting with taking the bass towers off-line and replacing them with just a subwoofer. To make a long story short, it meant I had to cross over the mid/hi towers too low, and as a result they were overdriven. I am happy to report that after I put the woofer towers back the stressed ribbon recovered completely. After having lived with the original Infinity ribbon where they would just give up and die when stressed, the new ribbons are a revelation. I can't thank you enough.

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Re: My experience with that Emim, Graz

Postby Graz on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:17 pm

Hello Bill

From the limited Infinity experiences I have had - the EMIM units were all crossed over FAR too low for comfort to bass units that were far to large to keep up. The problem designing (Infinity and other designers face alike) - any speaker that mixes ribbons and cones is the ribbon works so much better/clearer in most cases, but the bass power people like needs to be there some how. Apogee's bass is the best solution imho, implemented in the modern way. Infinity did it by stacking EMIM's or eventually with the L-EMIM unit (I believe to a lesser sound success). The original designs from Infinity were right on the edge of the EMIM's possibilities and potential - and when you take the design past this (lower) the physical excursion of the driver prevents this from working. Change the mix and risk stressing or burning up the driver - original or my one. Whatever EMIM is in there the xmax fact remains - the gap between the magnets is a constant, so the physical excursion of the units (mine or the original group of EMIM variants) applies as a rule.

What I designed for my version of the EMIM was bound by the same rules as Infinity faced when they designed the original one - and had to be compatible with the original solutions. When I analysed the EMIM I found several design anomalies/features that I couldn't live with. If I had released a direct copy under my name I would have faced (rightful) criticism at best in these later times.


As for AK I believe my words are incompatible with one of their sponsors so my posts are often removed.

Add to this the recent resurgence of vitriol re my exorbitant pricing (why don't I make small limited batches for Walmart prices?) is really part of a greater global problem that abounds. The mentality that China is eagerly awaiting all who need a few items with $1/hr workers desperate to gratefully fulfil the buyers needs is a global mental sickness, much closer to fairyland than reality. The percentage of companies who sold that one to "the shareholders" that failed in attempting the transition are quite large, though rarely reported. At the end of the day the very bulk consumer goods ideals such companies are pursuing (theoretically made by people that will never be paid enough to own such goods themselves) need to be funded by consumers. The very "consumers" that are no longer employed wage earning people, but welfare slaves whilst starved of the right to be usefully active - watch the myth they believed of previously stored "wealth" evaporate en masse...
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