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EMIM original vs APOGEE

Postby Graz on Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:40 am

I often get asked for comparisons between what people have and what is made now. Simple fact is - when I got into the task of an EMIM replacement I had no idea of what I was taking on! The original EMIM had differences between the production runs, and also was quite variable sample to sample. The complete EMIM design had some limitations that I was less than comfortable with for several reasons, and trying to strike a good balance between 100% retrofit compatibility, an upgrade to sound performance, life expectation, whilst maintaining Apogee quality took some consideration.

Anyway - the comparisons;-

1) Panel frame - original was ABS, APOGEE = high strength polycarbonate plastic

2) Ribbon panel - original was PET (treated) with medium temperature adhesive adhering the aluminium tracks, the design being etched. Tracks could readily move around once the unit was warm causing shorts! APOGEE = high temperature film with high temperature V5 adhesive that keeps the aluminium where it is placed, highly accurate.

3) Ribbon panel - original was flat by design (closed) , APOGEE = embossed (semi open).

4) Circuit - original was riveted at 3 points, with conductive paste in places, tag connectors were either steel/plated or bolts holding tag/wire links. APOGEE = a full high temperature silver soldered circuit flowing through all joints, braced at the wire tag connections (brass) for extra strength and long life, in resistance specification. Short audiophile flying leads. VERY predictable production results!

5) Sample variability. Original examples I have seen have been variable, original owner commentary backs this up. APOGEE = regular.

Sound quality. Not my place to comment.

I have just finished a batch of these for clients, and for the first time actually considered the production task. Enjoyable, and challenging, still some 4 years on...

Take care - Graz
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Re: EMIM original vs APOGEE

Postby JarreYuri on Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:52 am

I can attest to that they sound absolutely marvelous.
The lack of dynamics in the original is replaced with abundance of dynamics and thus justifies the crossover cut at 150Hz.
The one who succeeded was the one who did not know it was impossible!
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