Newbie here looking for the first pair of Apogee

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Newbie here looking for the first pair of Apogee

Postby dhlesg on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:34 am

Hello Experts,
First warning is that I am a newbie and my knowledge about Apogee speakers is almost none so please be tolerated with me if I have silly questions.

I just moved back to the states and look forward to building my music system again. I was aiming for either Martin Logan or Apogee, but now I am pretty much leaning toward Apogee speaker.
I talked to a nice gentleman who lists the Mini Grand on Audiogon. The Mini Grand are in pristine condition for 20 years old speakers. I have these question to ask:
1. What is the amplifier(s) I should use for this speakers?
2. Would the ribbon degrade after 20 years span?
3. What should I look for when I inspect these speakers?
4. In the future if I need new ribbon replacement, how much would it cost?

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Newbie here looking for the first pair of Apogee

Postby Zardoz on Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:40 am

Welcome to the Forum,

I don't know much about the Mini's, but I think that they may not have bass panels available for restoration. :( So keep that in mind. As far as what to check about them, make sure the bass panels don't buzz. If they do and if parts aren't available, you'll be stuck. If the Tweeter/Mid ribbons don't sag, they should be fine.
As far as amps a good high current amp of 50-100 watts should do, but with most Apogee's, more power is more better. :D

Maybe someone else on the Forum can be of more help. I just don't know as much about the Mini's as the other planar models.

Good Listening,
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Re: Newbie here looking for the first pair of Apogee

Postby dhlesg on Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:43 pm

Hello Zardor,

I apologize for not following up your response. I was very busy with new work assignment until the last quarter of this year.

Since August of this year I was able to acquire two Duetta Signature pairs. The Taupe pair is in bad shape due to poor packing (without original boxes) while air shipped from Europe. The Anthracite pair with Craz ribbons, which I bought from a very nice user of this group. The 23 hrs trip from Maryland to Texas was long, but it is worth every minute.

Thanks for your sharing. My impression is that every Apogee owner is very kind and very helpful. I have learned a lots in the last 4 months via this website, Audiogon, and meet up with Apogee owners. I am grateful for the advice to uplift my audio hobby to it best ~ Of course thanks to Graz to saving the Apogee legacy with his devotion - Every time I listen to "o mio babbino caro" with my Signature I just close my eye and float in another world.

Happy holidays to everyone and your families. Long live the Apogee :D
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