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Speaker position

Postby EldRick on Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:39 am

I've got Graz'ed Duetta Sigs with upgraded crossovers, and have recently been going fully digital, improving wires, DAC, room tuning, other small tweaks, etc. The DS' have been sounding better and better, particularly since the latest amazing firmware update to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

My listening position is 9-10 ft. from the speakers, which are about 7 ft. apart, with diffusers on the back wall, and Tube Traps on the sidewalls.

However, the imaging was a bit spread and vague at times, until last night, when I turned the DS' a bit toward center, and the sound field just Snapped into focus and solidity. I'm suddenly getting imaging I never imagined possible, and stable positioning of the instruments at all volume levels. I am amazed, even after tweaking hi-fi systems for decades.

The truly astonishing part is that the amount I moved the speakers was just 1/4" forward at the outside corners, to point them very slightly inward toward me and that much less toward the sidewalls.

After some further tweaks currently on the way, I'll finally be ready to take the ultimate step, and install the new ribbons I bought some years ago, because the rest of the system will finally be worthy...

Thanks, Graz!
Graz/Rich'ed Duetta Sigs, Parasound JC-1s, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, trick wires and all that other stuff.
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Re: Speaker position

Postby kucharsk on Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:04 am

Not surprising; Apogee positioning is often a matter of fractions of an inch.
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