Centaur crossover terminal Lug

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Centaur crossover terminal Lug

Postby Jimmy on Tue May 12, 2015 1:46 am


I am owner of Centaur speakers.

1) Can anyone advise where to buy the original crossover wire terminal lug?
Mine was broken.
They pure copper of very good quality. Far superior than a lot of after market type.
2) I upgraded the speaker terminals to "CMC red copper". Initially thought a good upgrade but was disappointed that the sound don't really improve but become mellow and soundstage smaller. I tried to use back the old lug with solder and immediately the speaker come to life again.
3) Has Anyone has done speaker terminal upgrade to brands like WBT, Furutech etc? Whats your experience?
4) Has Anyone has done upgrade to the crossover with good improvement to sound? I prefer to keep the original components. Add on caps are fine.
Thankyou for help
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