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Apogee Slant 8 System

Postby ddelbourgo on Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:48 am

I began my Apogee speaker journey with the Centaur Minors. I blew these out experimenting with tube preamps, one of which did not have a startup delay and spiked the speakers with feedback. I then purchased a pair of Slant 6s. I ran these with a McCormack DNA-1 amp, which I have since upgraded by sending it to Steve McCormack. I am extremely happy with this amp and unless I get very, very rich will probably never get another one. I have also experimented with various preamps and settled on the Conrad Johnson Permier 14. However, a friend of mine has given me his Audio Research Reference Two preamp to use while he's out of town teaching at Harvard, and I obviously use the Reference over the CJ. Both are great preamps, but the Reference Two has more bass and more bloom. I use the McCormack UDP-1 multi-purpose disc player. It is very good for the price. I had a high-level Meridian CD player (2 pieces) for many years, and although it sounded very good, as it got older the McCormack had better resolution. I now have Slant 8 Apogee speakers and am very happy with them, although they have a tad less treble resolution than the Slant 6s, because of their 40" ribbon. I purchased a pair of Radio Shack tweeters on Ebay (the older, good kind), and added some volume controls to turn them down. I also use a large VPI turntable with a Grado Reference cartridge and an Audio Research PH3 phono stage. I use MIT 2 bi-wire speaker cable that really smooths out the Apogee speakers, which are quite sensitive to speaker wire. They require a smooth, resolved wire to take the edge off but still transmit all the detail. I also purchased an old Carver tuner on Ebay. For the price, I think I have a hell of a system. Of course, you can't count the $10,000 the preamp would have cost me.
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