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Postby WongKN on Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:15 am

Hi Everyone,

I just joined this forum a few days ago and want to introduce myself as I will be asking lots of questions very soon. My name is Wong KN (KN stands for Kong Ngai) and I am from Malaysia. I have been an Apogee owner for, if I remember correctly, around 20 years. I currently own 3.5 pairs of Apogees, used to be 4.5. Below is a short history of that ownership for those who are curious/interested (especially why there is a .5 pair).

My first Apogee was the Centaur Minor when it was first sold by Apogee themselves. It replaced a pair of Spendor SP2/2 and was driven by a pair of Audible Illusions Modolus 2D and Mark Levinson No.23.

When the Centaur Major came out, I bought the first pair that arrived at my dealer's, trading in the Centaur Minor. By that time, my amps were ML 26 and 23.5.

For a long time I was satisfied with the Centaur Major until I upgraded my amps again, to Krell KCT and KAS-2 and my front end was Oracle Delphi Mk5 with Graham 1.5t and a Benz Micro catridge. That system started to reveal some limitations in the Centaur Major and I started to look at a replacement. However, I just couldn't find any alternative that has the transparency and purity of the Apogee, esp the Major's mid and high. I then started to consider another Apogee as the replacement, and the Duetta and Diva caught my attention. I was actually eyeing an Apogee Array and even my friend's Studio Grand but both owners simply refused to sell (I wouldn't expect them otherwise).

By a good stroke of luck some poor misguided soul traded in his Duetta Signature to the local FM/Audio Note dealer. A friend happened to drop by, saw it and within half a day, that pair was in my house. Due to the demise of Apogee, used price for my Centaur Major was not very attractive. Since the Duetta Signature was very old (1990) it too wasn't very expensive. So I decided to keep the Major. Thus I ended up owning 2 pair of Apogees. That pair of Duetta Signature is now my primary focus and to be honest is the main reason why I joined this forum.

The previous owner did not look after it well and was more sold by price-tag and name-brand. So he bought some new 'high-end' speaker and he relegated the DS to his game/party room where it served time playing party music and background music before he passed it to the dealer and ask him to sell it off. Yet despite his foolishness, he obviously had good ears because what happened was a few weeks after I bought his speakers, he went back to the dealer and asked to get the speaker back. It was clear his big-price big-name (I forgot what it was though) new 'high-end' speakers could not deliver the same degree of performance as his neglected Apogee. But it was too late for him. His foolishness and mistake, my gain I suppose. Still the DS wasn't in pristine condition and the cover had infact started to come apart. In addition, it has been resprayed, probably to match some interior deco. But the most important thing is : it sounds fantastic in my current system.

In the interim, I had also started to dabble in AV/Home Theatre. Here again, my preference for the superior sound of Apogees prevailed and I asked my regular dealer (who used to be an Apogee dealer until the company folded) to keep a look out for me for the Apogee AV speakers. This he was successful so I ended up with a pair of Apogee on-wall ribbon hybrids for my AV's main speakers and an Apogee center speaker.

I had at a couple of years ago, also bought back a 2nd pair of used Centaur Minors but I sold them off quite soon to a very appreciative friend. The reason was I ran out of systems. I had a second hifi system but two pairs of Apogees : Centaur Minor and Centaur Major. With a pair of Audio Research SP9-2/Classic 60, I played the Minor with great satisfaction but the Majors were kept in a corner. That of course is a waste of a great speaker. So I decided to let the Minors go and use the Majors in the 2nd system. As the ARCs could not handle the Major, I replaced it with an Odyssey Khartiga Extreme SE power amp, driving it directly from my Proceed AVP.

So when I had the Minors, I had 4.5 pairs of Apogees - DS, Major, Minor, on-wall, center speaker. After I sold the Minors last year, I now only have 3.5 pairs.

This then is a very short story of my Apogee ownership. Thanks for reading (if you have made it this far). Hope to learn from all of you, especially Graz (whom I will be communicating with quite often I believe) and all the other guru's.

Best Regards,
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Postby Vansloneker on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:28 am

Hello WongKN. Thank you for sharing your Apogee story with us. As your DS' previous owner showed, it's all to easy to take the Apogee sound for granted.
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