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Oppo upgrade

Postby EldRick on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:30 pm

I just burned in the recent mods to my Oppo BDP-83SE, done by JenaLabs: http://www.jenalabs.com/mods/oppo-bdp-83.html

The difference from the upgrade is staggering. There is a real sense that the music just "happens", in a very natural way. Probably a bad description, but the mod eliminated a whole level of distortion that I hadn't realized was there. Well worth the cost, IMHO.

My system: Graz'ed D-Sigs with cap upgrades, Classe Omega Stereo amp, Placette Passive gain control, modd'ed Oppo.

Based on the improvements I hear from the Oppo mod, I'll probably audition some of JenaLabs wires sooner or later. Nice people, too.
Graz/Rich'ed Duetta Sigs, Parasound JC-1s, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, trick wires and all that other stuff.
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