D-Sigs from Graz

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D-Sigs from Graz

Postby EldRick on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:55 am


These are D-Sigs upgraded by himself, the Graz. Bocchino terminals, caps upgraded with Dynamicaps, inductors potted, crimped joints soldered, etc. Post-Graz details at http://www.audioworld.com/sw/Forum1/HTML/006406.html

The amp is a Classé Omega Stereo, with 3KW continuous output per channel, which handles the panels with great control. It feeds on two dedicated 25-amp circuits and Cardas power cords, and weighs around 275 lbs.

"Preamp" is a Placette Passive - the lowest-distortion gain control I've ever heard.

The sources are an Oppo BD-83SE upgraded by Jenalabs (http://www.jenalabs.com/mods/oppo-bdp-83.html) and a DirecTV DVR.

Wires? They are wires, made of copper and silver. I'm not a fan of overpriced mainly-marketing interconnects or wildly-overpriced speaker cables.
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Re: D-Sigs from Graz

Postby User211 on Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:31 pm

Very nice. That Classe amp looks seriously serious:D

I've tried an awful lot of amps on my Duettas, most recent being an EAR 868PL/Parasound A21 combo. But, no matter what I try, nothing seems to beat an Air Tight ATL-10A passive with an Alps RK50 (http://www.alps.com/WebObjects/catalog.woa/E/HTML/Potentiometer/RotaryPotentiometers/RK501/RK50112A0004.html)pot and some huge PSE 211 monoblocks. It is just a lovely combination with the Duettas.
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Eating my words...

Postby EldRick on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:07 pm

"I'm not a fan of overpriced mainly-marketing interconnects..."

Once again the Apogees teach me more about audio...

I've never been a fan of "tuning" a system by experimenting with wires. IMHO, if two wires sound different, at least one of them is wrong, and trying to compensate for one set of system flaws by introducing an additional set of flaws makes no sense at all. Also, I don't spend money lightly, and the prices I've been seeing lately for high-end cables are insane - far beyond any possible justification, IMHO.

However, after reading a lot of reviews and comments, I recently bought a pair of used interconnects on Audiogon for a very moderate price: Jena Labs Fugues. These are the second-lowest-cost version of custom ICs from Jena Labs Jennifer Whitewolf Crock, who upgraded my Oppo to great effect. (http://www.jenalabs.com/interconnects/i ... ct-11.html)

I swapped these into my system replacing a set of half-meter WHG Silver-Series Legend cables, connecting my DirecTV DVR (a modest audio source, to say the least) to the Placette Passive.

To net it out, the upgrade was simply astounding. These cables are transmitting more music with less electronic hash than I've ever heard - as non-distorting in their way as the Duetta Sigs, with major improvements across the whole audio range.

I'm not going to rhapsodize or repeat the reviews by others all over the web about these remarkable cables, and will only note that I've ordered two of the next step up, the "Symphony" from Jena Labs, which I will use between Placette and Classe, and from the Oppo to the Placette. From all reports, the Symphony cables are the price-performance sweet spot in their line, which continues on up into stratospheric prices (there's a pair of their top-of-the-line ICs, the "Awakenings", offered at half-price on Audiogon for a mere $5500).

Pricey? Yep, but I'm dead certain the Symphony ICs will be a major system upgrade, and Jena Labs has a liberal try-to-buy-or-return policy, if you want to give their wires a whirl.

Very educational, these Apogee thingies...
Graz/Rich'ed Duetta Sigs, Parasound JC-1s, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, trick wires and all that other stuff.
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