Slant 8's

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Slant 8's

Postby Franklin229 on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:55 pm

I am rearranging things so please do not mind the clutter. Stumbled upon a very nice pair (almost new) of Slant 8's last year-they were purchased by the original owner then put into storage shortly after due to moving to a smaller space. Right now, running Conrad Johnson 140 mono's and CT5 preamp, ASR basis exclusive phono, Gyrodec/SME 309/Shelter 501. I also have a iPod/Wadia 170i/Belcanto DAC3 for digital and will be upgrading soon to a server. Slants sound really nice and I am very happy. I also have a pair of Centaur Majors but find the Slants have a better crossover. The Ushers you see in the background will move to another system.
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