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Eximus dp1 dac/preamp

Postby floydinoz on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:03 am

I set up my first computer audio system last week and am very happy I did so.
I traded my Arcam preamp in on the new Eximus dp1 high res dac/preamp.
It's quite a box of tricks. Of course, hi res files sound great, 24/96, 176 and 192.
It has also given my cdp a new lease on life using the digital out. Much better imaging, for example and prodigious bass.
My phono preamp goes into the analog inputs and since I just got my Oracle Delphi mk 1 setup properly by Brian Maddern at Decibel Hifi, records are sounding great, also.
I don't have any first class headphones, but from what i read the headphone amp is very good, also.
I'm using usb into the computer ( a Toshiba laptop).
And, Jriver as the media centre with a $10 app for my iPad as a remote.
I do have to leave the couch to change the volume.
Lots of musical pleasure.
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