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Computer sound way better than CD

Postby Stanray on Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:20 pm

I had a very good CEC TL-51 transport slaved by an Audiomagic DAC. Although I did like the sound very much, I wanted to switch to computer audio for convenience. So I tried various compter/DAC combinations (Windows/MAC computers, Bryston/DCS/PS Audio Perfect Wave/Weiss DAC's). Computer audio just didn't reach the natural flow and timbre of the Audiomagic DAC . . . until . .

I discovered the Phasure DAC and XX Highend. The Phasure DAC ( is a non oversampling 24/768 DAC. It is fed by music files from a Windows computer running the XX Highend music player ( This music player upsamples 16/44 redbook files (and other formats too) to 24/705 by arc prediction software. This makes ultra high res files from your old CD's with amazing results. Furthermore XX Highend can play "minimized" which means many Windows processes are stopped and this lowers the noise level of Windows (really important). Also XX HE can play "unattended" which means it closes itself and only let the music engine play the music which further improves the sound quality.
A recent addition to XX HE is Phase Alignment which digitally corrects the phase over the frequency spectrum (if I explain it correctly). This gives another boost to the sound quality.

All in all I now have a sound quality I never had with CD for the past 25 years. The sounds is very fluent and natural, a kind of vinyl sound without the vinyl anomalies.

Be prepared for a steep learning curve and a lot of reading to get acquainted with XX HE.
But the reward is fantastic sound by these genius products.


PS. I paid for these products and have no connection with the company, I just want to share this with fellow Apogee-ans.
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