Two hits of funk per day over two days +

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Two hits of funk per day over two days +

Postby Graz on Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:41 pm

This weekend was an exciting one on the Sunshine Coast - Caloundra Music Festival weekend!

Especially good this time - as we had Bluey's INCOGNITO and TOWER OF POWER playing multiple sets over the long weekend! There are many things that can be said for live vs studio-via-high-end-hifi BUT both of these bands took a lot of care and effort over their sound quality during stage setup, the venue was open air (no room problems) and musicianship and enthusiasm absolutely first class!! It was a privilege to be there with my family, and I had the pleasure to bump into Bluey and chat music and things for a while!

Both of these bands have been around for a while, and there have been member replacements, though original members are present. What was especially good was to see the intergenerational following - young and older alike all clear that these were REAL musicians and REAL singers as opposed to the concept band puppets warbling through autotune that violate music lately!

Respect to the Caloundra organisers of this event - it truly is world class, almost all* aspects being taken care of for a pleasant safe event, no sound conflicts, beautiful setting, good spread of local and international acts, a good time was had by all, a really fantastic weekend!

Take care - Graz

* bottled water ban (bag checks!)- HEAVY tapwater promotion (yuk, no way!)
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