Tori Amos remasters

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Tori Amos remasters

Postby apogee_admin on Thu Apr 30, 2015 12:49 pm

Picked the remaster of Tori Amos - Under the pink today. I Wondered if it was a crank the loudness remaster only, so ripped a track from the original and compared before even listening.

It does appear to be a proper job, levels are close to the original but overall dynamic range is up a bit, plus having listened to it there is less sibilance and spit on her voice, and sounds cleaner. Not a massive difference but audible and worth it since it also comes with a disk of all the early excellent b-side material which I haven't checked yet, but assume is remastered also.

Now I know it's worth it I will get Little Earthquakes which is also available :)

Happy listening

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