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Apogee Acoustics was formed originally in 1981 in Boston, USA, and ran until 1999. In 2000, Apogee Acoustics was re-commenced under myself Graeme "Graz" Keet in Australia to service the original clients worldwide in need of support and parts. 

We are a small company of dedicated enthusiasts and craftsmen based on the glorious Australian Sunshine Coast. Motivated by the pursuit of audio excellence and the love of REAL music, we strive to make the finest audio reproduction components you can buy for your investment. All production work is undertaken within Australia, and the raw materials that go to make our products are from quality suppliers around the world that are fair to their workers. This ethic is important to us, and all our tradesmen work for fair labour rates, in touch with the final product, not just their specialist contribution. We like to think that synergy of production is evident in the way our products sound! Our work in upgrading Apogee manufactured speakers is finding favour with Audiophiles around the world, ribbons made to exact standards using the original Apogee specification materials - however machined to a degree of accuracy only recently possible. Restoring these classic amp busting planars to better than new...Other ribbons - Some special large scale custom ribbon production work can also be undertaken - though designs must be set for quotation

A little about me, Graeme "Graz" Keet I have been into music and the means to reproduce it since I was a child! I had my first ribbon speaker experience - Apogee Scintilla's in London (1985) and have never looked back. The Scintilla's, like all of the planar speaker creations from Leo Spiegel, Gary Walker, Tony Schuman, and the late Jason Bloom are all unashamedly my benchmarks and inspiration. When Apogee Acoustics closed I offered a worldwide repair service for their speakers to the people who needed it, a service I continue to this day. To be sure the high standards they required were not only met but exceeded I designed a new and unique means to manufacture ribbons to quality levels not achieved before, this I call the "Perigee Process".

As time passed it was a logical step to start producing speakers using this advanced ribbon technology, and all designs from Apogee Acoustics under me have and will continue to follow this theme. Other inspirations are the artists that play the music I listen to the most, people such as Roy Ayres, Earth Wind and Fire, The Crusaders and others too numerous to list! Without such talent, and the creativity GOD gave them - making speakers would be pointless!

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