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Postby Graz on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:41 pm

For the last few weeks I have noticed that;-

1) emails sent from me have not arrived (confirmed).

2) emails sent from an account to the same account have not arrived (confirmed).

3) emails sent between accounts to each other have not arrived (confirmed).

4) in progress conversations across several accounts have inexplicably ceased.

Email accounts are with more than one supplier.

Spam of course continues to arrive, though diminished.

I can assume that there is a problem with all email.

Those seeking to contact me should probably post here when they send...

Perplexed - Graz
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Postby Vansloneker on Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:53 am

First steps are, make sure it's not your computer or in home-network.

It's easy to download and burn a Linux Live DVD e.g. Linux Mint which has a menu-style similar to that of Windows. 'Burning' it to USB is a little bit harder but sticks are way more convenient. Take XFCE 32-bit. Boot it, connect tot your network if not wired, start the internet browser and logon to an account on Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, whatever. Try sending and receiving email. If that works, the problem is likely to be on your side of the chain.

If you are suspect of your internet provider, you can boot the DVD in about any reasonable computer anywhere.

Check spamfilters, spam-boxes and trash. Maybe emails were handled as if they were spam. If you are using POP or IMAP, check the server settings. Are you sure your computer is clean and no spyware or malware is interrupting sending and receiving email? Is there a firewall maybe blocking traffic? Are there any weird messages or behaviors on your computer? If you use POP or IMAP, data loss could be caused by a bad hard-disk.

When this first appeared, had anything recently happened to your computer, like updates, or new installed software?

What's happening in your internet modem or router, did you try resetting them?

There are many possible causes for email problems, you will have test and check them. Ever tried "sent emails lost" on Google?

Good luck in dealing with the issue.
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