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Postby Graz on Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:19 am

I often get asked this!!

General payments details. Please note that only the payment methods below should be used, as some have sent bank cheques from their country that have no real representation here in Australia! Australians - All Australian sales for delivery in Australia are subject to local GST - sorry!

Credit card types taken are Visa & Mastercard - Amex's rates for vendors are poison!! A 3.3% credit card fee is charged for all card transactions, passed on at our costs. At this time we have no facility or plans to use Paypal, with little confidence in the system, it's simply too invasive. Some rigid cc rules;-

1)No split payments over separate dates or card holders – no exceptions
2)The order must be made by the card holder, people using their wife, friend, relatives card must have the card holder make the order.
3)The card order must be supported with an email stating who the card holder is for the purpose of the transaction, and at least the last 4 digits of the card.

I can be phoned or faxed with your details on +61 7 5439 6439 (my phone/fax), but please make this ONLY Brisbane time 8am-8pm Sun-Thur, 8am-5pm Fri, closed Saturday. The link has Brisbane time on it;-


If you feel brave enough to email your details, spread it over 5 emails, and set the number groups out with no ref to credit cards like this - this looks like an email address, so all I would need is an sequence for your group of numbers some emails run faster than others!!! Doing this helps keep the hackers away though I doubt there is too much of a problem. I haven't had any...

The details I need are

Your Name on the card,
Your preferred delivery address
Your preferred delivery method, air mail/courier
Your day time contact number (needed for courier if this method is chosen)
Card number and expiry date

Please be certain your card can cover the payment in one transaction and that your card company has no "block" on such a transaction to avoid delays.

All of my exchange rates for US$ are the day rates at http//

Western Union is no longer a preferred payment method - I have had problems with this service. Believe me, with WU's exorbitant costs it's better to ask a friend with a credit card to help.

Please note that all payments and transfers that people send with costs or biased exchange rates costs being removed from the final figure will no longer be processed until full funds are received, no exceptions whatsoever please be sure to calculate this figure to give cleared funds to the value of the day rate at

Wire transfers are possible, but only cost effective on orders above $1000USD for the vendor usually. Please note that the same rules for exchange rates as above apply.

Once these details are in place the job will be placed in the production que if the item is not stocked at that time, or shipped if in stock, usually within two business days!

Take care - Graz
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