Centaur Major Woofer Grill Removal Help!

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Centaur Major Woofer Grill Removal Help!

Postby ponman on Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:30 pm

Hello, I have a pair of Apogee Centaur Majors. I'm getting a buzzing noise and I need to tighten the woofers
without destroying my speakers. Can anyone tell me how to remove the grills from the Majors carefully. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Centaur Major Woofer Grill Removal Help!

Postby Roy Waugh on Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:17 am

Reply from Graz in the old forum:

Centaur woofer access/grill removal
To remove grill, first make up special levers out of a pair of 8” or so wide flat-lade screwdrivers, bending them at 45 degrees about 2” from the end, flat down. These will be your grill levers – and need to be used each side of the 6 joint pegs on the grill, in pairs. By this I mean one peg at a time, with the levers each side of this peg, about a quarter inch from it. Levering one side alone will break the flimsy grill…

Start at the bottom, outside/inside, repeat middle, repeat top.

Roy Waugh
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