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Quality Regional INSTALLER SERVICES working with Apogee Acoustics (Graz) parts

INSTALLERS - Since 2001 I have been actively training certain people for the sole purpose to be able to PROPERLY repair your vintage Apogees - and get them sounding as they should. These are the people that can help you refit your Apogee speakers with accurate GRAZ Apogee replacement parts, assist with technical issues and advise on upgrades. These people can also advise on local speaker availability and pricing, and are often the first to hear of speakers being offered as second hand. Some (not all) of these people act as dealers for us in their areas.

Several years on and Installers are coming online all over the world! These people have proven installation experience, and have been trained in Graz's original Apogee installation procedures and can repair your Apogee speakers should you prefer to have the installation done by somebody experienced. If you need a bass panel repaired, these are the ONLY people I have an arrangement with that have what it takes to get the job done properly. I only supply Installer-associates directly with bass ribbons as the task is problematic, and first time attempts by do-it-yourself repairers invariably have resulted in compromised and unacceptable results.

Moving Apogees. In all cases it is strongly advised that all shipping to and especially from the repairers be done in strong shipping crates, well framed (aluminium) and foamed, designed to take the punishment modern couriers seem to specialise in! I have had people ship speakers to me with no protective crates, wrapped only in cardboard with disastrous results. I have a simple rule personally if you consider your speaker is worth me or an installer-associates time to work on, then it is worth crating properly! Suggestions for planar crates can be had via email just ask! If in doubt contacting the repairer is the safest way, and please understand a repairer cannot be expected to send out a repaired speaker in unfit packaging, as insurance will not cover such risky behaviour.

Installation or repair protocol. It is important that the procedure is followed so as to be sure the speakers are sent at a time that is convenient for you and the repairer. Storage of Apogee Acoustics planar speakers can be space consuming, and as there are often postal lead times for sending ribbons it is important that these arrangements are followed as closely as possible. It is not uncommon for speakers to be delivered, tested, parts ordered, the wait for parts, followed by the time to strip down and repair often meaning that a pair of speakers will occupy workshop space as a pair for 4 weeks or more. Unplanned intakes can often lead to delays beyond these times so it is always essential to book! No speakers should ever be sent without first confirming with the repairer. Stripping down Apogees may also result in finding more parts than just the ribbons are required, it not being uncommon for clamps to need realigning or in extreme cases remanufacturing of the odd MDF part. Early Apogees often require new clamp sets to be made, some need magnet realignment for optimal results. All this is best assessed in a thorough strip-down test at the repairers place where pictures will be taken and owners informed of potential problems. In the case of work needing to be done over and above the basic ribbon replacement your repairer will contact you with details, sometimes requiring fairly priced additional charges.

Repairers - types. We have several endorsed repairers, people independent of Apogee Acoustics /Apogeeribbons but that have a proven track record for using our ribbon replacements in successful installations over several years. Other newer repairers exist, and are in what we refer to as a probation period. This is to take nothing from their ability, but for us to build up a long standing relationship with the installer to be sure they are working long term to the same standards as the fully trained ones. All Installers referred to as either endorsed or probationary have access to the full installation and knowledge base of Apogee Acoustics/ Apogeeribbons/Perigee and receive priority responses to technical enquiries from Graz. Apogee Acoustics even have their own Installer-only forum to debate unusual repairs for the best solution! We are primarily about offering what we believe is the finest service available for repairing, restoring or upgrading your speakers.

Regions. There are many countries in the world and we have only a few repairers, though actually more than Apogee Acoustics had under Spiegel/Bloom. Although these are growing at a steady rate this will mean that some people may have to ship their speakers internationally to be repaired should they not want to work on them themselves. This is unavoidable however as areas of need are identified more installer partners are sought. We have no rules about regional control anybody can get their speakers repaired at any installer they feel comfortable with. Installer labour prices are similar, all have equal access to Graz for technical backup as Installer-associates. Common sense dictates the closest installer should be the first choice to minimise freight distance. If required speakers can be shipped to us in Australia on temporary-export permits for restoration.

For shipping, we always ship with Schenker. They can also advise on the rules of temporary-export in your country. Visit http://www.schenkers.com


USA East Coast Endorsed - Bill Thalmann

Profile - Bill has had years of working in specialist High End Audio and Musical instrument repair and has repaired almost all Apogee types, and is well placed to repair your speakers when you need it. Extras such as fabric and custom paint finishes are available to order.

5418 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22151

FAX: 703-764-0079
CELL: 703-501-9419

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www.musictechnology.com and www.talosinstruments.com


USA West Coast Endorsed - Richard Murry

Profile - True Sound Works are a high end audio distributor/retailer that has an integrated service department to repair your Apogee's using our parts. Extras such as fabric and custom paint finishes are available to order.

True Sound Works Inc
2664 Wildhorse Lane
Minden, NV 89423

Office - (775) 267-4244


Swiss Endorsed – Frank

Frank aka "GROOVE-T" has a high end audio shop called Hifiburg, based in Rapperswil Switzerland, also in easy reach of surrounding countries such as Italy. He has owned almost all Apogees, repaired many and has a long association with the brand. His ribbon installation training was undertaken at Apogee Acoustics in Australia. Trained by Graz

Herrenburg 22
Tel: 055/210 49 26

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Netherlands Endorsed - Henk van der Hoeven

Henk has a long association with Apogee's and repaired almost all types over the years. Still an Apogee user (Full Ranges), his enthusiasm for the brand, and accurate carpentry/paintwork make for a one stop Netherlands solution for Apogee owners.

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Reality Audio

Jon Oakey, founder of the www.apogeespeakers.com website, long time owner and repairer of Apogee’s, UK distributor of Apogee, Perigee Speakers. Well placed centrally in Birmingham to handle all UK Apogee problems. His experience spans all of the Apogee range.

Reality Audio
Tel: 0845 2600047
Outside the UK: +44 121 356 2697
Mobile: 07720 426555

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Argentina  South America

Ruben Serrani

Phone +54 341 4371661 workshop
Cell +54 9 341 532-6715 and waap

Gutemberg 944 Rosario 2000 Sante Fe Argentina+54 9 341 532-6715 and waap

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Australia/Asia Pacific

People in this area should contact GRAZ at Apogee Acoustics directly. Speakers sent by arrangement to the repair/manufacturing centre based on the Sunshine Coast can be assured of a quality service with attention to detail and special requirements.

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