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For years audiophiles have appreciated ribbon speakers for their unparalleled ability to produce a believable sound. The ribbon designs have been known for speed, accuracy, and detail. They have also been associated with amplifier crippling loads, difficulty in matching with other drivers, and often needed transformers to be coupled to other elements of the speaker.

The Perigee approach to ribbon design is unique, using the latest technology to manufacture ribbons of extreme accuracy, in house. The FK1 series use a multiple layer design using the highest quality materials, set in a monopole configuration designed to match exactly to the dynamic bass units used. This match is evident when listening to the Perigee's as the usual hybrid mismatching problems have been removed. And no transformers or resistors are necessary! Effective mass of the Perigee ribbon is very low at under 0.2 of a gram, and driven area at higher than 90% of it's face, enabling greater speed and agility than a cone or dome speaker. Power handling is high, and efficiency is high at over 92db/w. The static parts of the ribbon driver are extremely solid and rigid, the faceplate being precision CNC machined aluminium, massively offsetting the low mass ribbons ability to release acoustic energy. This combination results in more of your amplifiers detailed signal being turned into acoustic energy that reaches your ears!

RIBBON HYBRIDS. The FK1 series use twin tuned ports to control low frequency cone behaviour for a tight and speedy response - a tuneful bass free from any monotonous thudding! This control keeps the FK1 in pace with your music, revealing those small details that separate a good listening experience from a GREAT one! Music taste discrimination is not a problem with the Perigee’s – the FK1’s play with enthusiasm whatever the style. While test disks can sound nice you need not be a slave to them!!

QUALITY. All Perigee products are built to last, from the massive aluminium/steel/neodymium magnetic ribbon assembly to the cabinet, crafted from 25mm MDF throughout and painted using a multi stage 2-pak paint process. Drive units are held securely with TORX fixings to ensure a firm lasting connection. Internal wiring is matched to the drive units to ensure maximum integration, all circuit joints being silver soldered, and hard wired. Inductors and capacitors are tight tolerance high-grade for symmetrical imaging. No resistors are used.

TRUE HOME THEATRE COMPATIBILITY  In AV Home Theatre use, many CENTRE channel speakers are compromised to keep costs down often dramatically affecting quality. The FK1 range do not suffer from this problem as the F (Floor-standing) and C (Centre) speakers share the same high quality drive units, crossover components, and critical internal dimensions to ensure sonic responses are VOICED ALIKE. Sonic objects move between speakers without changing character. And all Perigee FK1 speakers are magnetically shielded to avoid unwanted interaction with televisions and other sensitive equipment.

CONNECTIONS  The FK1 speakers are two-way systems, and have biwire terminals for connection to your amplifier(s). Complete isolation is ensured between the high and low frequency terminals. All terminals are high quality gold plated brass binding posts. In the picture the terminals are shown as shipped to European countries, where the law states that the standard banana plug fittings should be blocked to prevent power cables from being inserted. In countries where this is not a problem, the plastic blank plugs can simply be removed for full use with banana connectors in a matter of minutes.

FLOOR COUPLING The design couples firmly to the floor minimising energy loss. Thick level adjustable spikes are provided, with optional spike cups for tiled or timber floors, to ensure maximum rigidity and minimum loss. The FK1-F has a lower enclosed cavity (designed to be filled with sand) that increases the static mass of the speaker to approximately 50kg, for maximum stability. As the COMBINED moving mass of the speaker is less than 37g there is no small wonder that a greater portion of your amplifiers energy is converted into music rather than unwanted vibration.

PLACEMENT  The Perigee FK1 speakers were designed to interact with a variety of rooms. Designed to be both elegant and extremely functional, the Perigees dominate a room with sound quality rather than impose on it’s space! Available in designer colours to special order.

EQUIPMENT MATCHING  The FK1 speakers have been partnered successfully with a variety of amplifiers from comparatively low powered Valve designs, to High current Class A solid state. Being efficient makes them a friendly load, but as an extremely revealing speaker, compromises in partnering equipment will certainly be audible. Matching with high quality amplifiers, cd/dvd/sacd and vinyl sources will provide pleasurable results!


What the magazines thought of our speakers!

Ken Kessler of HIFI NEWS - his first encounter with the FK1 speakers, in 2001

David Price of HIFI World writes on his FK1 encounter, 2003

FK – what does FK stand for? FK stands for my late father, Fred Keet. From an early age he taught me how to use tools, and solve engineering problems, and also taught me the love of music. In our house you were 10 times more likely to hear music than see the television hypnotising us! Fred had thousands of cd’s and records, and preferred to spend his spare cash on collecting more software than hardware!

Frederick William Keet 1925-2001.

PERIGEE - What does PERIGEE mean?
The point nearest the earth's center in the orbit of the moon or a satellite.
The point in any orbit nearest to the body being orbited.

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