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Spares – contact

Some simple rules for contacting when seeking spares!

No email will be answered unless the speakers serial numbers are clearly in the subject line. Much time is wasted explaining repair procedures and options in detail to people considering buying secondhand Apogee speakers, usually who haven’t considered the buyers guide!  When speakers are offered on the web for sale waves of “owners” of that particular speaker type tend to swamp with repair questions, and no specific problem.  No serial number = no reply.  I am sorry if this offends.

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Shipping – can I ship “reduced value”?  Sorry – no.   Nobody likes to pay duty on imports, none more than me as I have to import many items to manufacture ribbon parts.  Whilst I understand the irritation of import tax, it doesn’t compare to the experience of devaluing a ribbon part shipment that subsequently gets damaged in shipping, and is subsequently NOT covered for replacement costs on insurance.  All ribbons will be shipped at full price, as to not do so places me in a precarious position with credit card companies comparing the partial values people want on their goods to the actual real values quoted and charged, either way I am at risk and will not enter into such agreements.  Ribbons are shipped at the quoted price, with insurance.

Shipping – methods.  Always insured.  As it is a policy to ship insured some countries have decided over the last few years that standard airmail is not able to be insured.  Such countries (eg Canada, Germany, Israel) can only be serviced using the postal-courier service known as EMS who work with DHL in some of their partner countries.  Whilst this is sometimes inconvenient it is better to be safe and covered!

Payments.  Please note that only the payment methods below should be used, as some have sent bank cheques from their country that have no real representation here in Australia and this has caused delays and problems for both the client and myself! Payment values are quoted in US dollars for the convenience of our international clients. Our accounts are operated in AU$ and therefore deposits to the bank are subject to exchange. To keep things fair and easily understood by the majority our invoices are totaled in US$, and converted at the day rate of the invoice on the web site fxtop.com -that way questions that arise are readily answered using the search-able historic rates data available on the site.

IMPORTANT! To avoid any kind of confusion, please wait for the actual Invoice (sent via email), and arrange payments based on the actual invoice as sent.

Preferred #1. Credit card - types taken are Visa, Mastercard & Bankcard - Amex’s rates for vendors are poison!!   I can be phoned or faxed with your details - email to arrange a time we share awake! This is more cost effective for amounts under $1000AUD, higher amounts are best sent using wire transfer.

If you feel brave enough to email your details, spread it over 5 emails, and set the number groups out with no ref to credit cards like this 1234@hotmail.com - this looks like an email address, so all I would need is an sequence for your group of numbers some emails run faster than others!!! Doing this helps keep the hackers away though I doubt there is too much of a problem.  I haven't had any...

The details required are:

Your Name on the card,
Your preferred delivery address
Your preferred delivery method, air mail/courier
Your day time contact number (needed for courier if this method is chosen)
Card number and expiry date

All of my exchange rates for US$ are the day rates at http://fxtop.com

Once these details are in place the job will be placed in the production queue or packed/shipped if in stock!

Preferred #2. Wire transfer from your bank to ours. Please email us if this is your preference and we will send account details and the invoice via email. This is more cost effective for amounts over $1000AUD.

Preferred #3 - within Australia ONLY. Bank direct deposit. Please email us if this is your preference and we will send account details and the invoice via email.

Other - Paypal. This can be taken with a prior arrangement up to the value of $500.

Other - Western Union. Western Union is another payment method we have used - but in use proves to be a very costly and inefficient way to send money, far dearer than credit cards. It also involves an hour round trip to collect here! This sort of transfer is really for 3rd world money transfer only, a bit of a pain to deal with and usually quite slow – credit card certainly preferred! We have often had problems where the buyer puts fees and exchange rates on us – this leads to bad feelings on both sides. The absolute last case money transfer option!

Light payments. Several times people have sent undervalued wire transfer Western Union amounts and I have at times let this slide but unfortunately, due to the lack of price rises and decline of the US$ value the last few years there is no margin left for this.  People attempting to make light payments or pass the exchange commission costs for their bank onto me will have to make their payment in full before the parts are shipped.

Parts supply.   After long consideration at the start of 2007 it was considered that supply to amateur installers of bass ribbons was unwise for several reasons, mostly as installation is intimidating for many to say the least.  To ensure a good job is done it is simply better to get speakers repaired via regional installers and this is the only way I am willing to proceed.  All to often I have had people try over several emails to convince me that they were easily able to complete the task,  and predictably when things did not go according to plan despite hours of extra questions and coaching via phone and email the suggestion they should never have been supplied has been put back on me, no longer.

The simple fact is you are better off shipping your speakers to an installer and being assured of a good job.  Repair of Apogee speakers is not a life-necessity, but a pleasant luxury. Using an installer allows me to keep parts costs down to a fair price, and assure you that your speakers are fixed and performing as they should. Attempts to debate this via email will lead to a reply simply listing installer links.

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