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Synergy 1.5When released in the 1980’s, Apogee’s original Scintilla speaker struck both fear and joy into the heart of an audiophile, delivering beauty in music beyond the finest electrostatics, whilst bringing all but the most unbelievable amplifiers (Krell) to their knees!  The joke goes – “Scintillas need amplifiers filled with smoke to drive them – when the smoke escapes they no longer work!”.  At a 1 ohm nominal load I am personally amazed that the Scintilla ever saw production, but ask any Scintilla owner today and they will tell you they are very glad they did!

Being in a unique position to discuss Scintilla's in detail with their owners, in 2004 I set about the task of finding out (beyond the obvious) what kept these people from selling their old speakers, some of them first owners. Once established, I also asked what characteristics they found appealing in other speakers, not present in their Scintilla's. Finally – what their ideal “theoretical” Scintilla successor would feature. After much consideration the design was formed in my head (not of myself!). I committed the design to paper, and set about building production equipment to make the speaker possible. The main complaint was the lack of compatibility with low powered tube amplifiers (and amps as a whole).

The solution speaker, that WHOLLY used the legendary Scintilla one-ohm as it’s bench mark is SYNERGY 1.5.

As the manufacturer I am certain the requested criteria was met.                                    <More> 

Synergy 1.5   Specifications 

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